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"God’s grace is not just something that is going to get me into Heaven when I die. God’s grace is a reminder that I don’t have to be afraid of my inadequacy. God’s grace shows the difference between the lies and the truths I tell myself at 2:00 in the morning when I can’t sleep. God’s grace is telling me that I am not hopeless. God’s grace is not just for the dead. God’s grace is for me, and I sure do need it."

The unnamed book. By C.W. (via nautilusheart)

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1136. [love looks like]

My darling,

Love used to look like a spectacular display to declare to the world that we loved each other. It looked like a bouquet of reddest roses to greet me at the door. It looked like falling asleep to each others’ voices on the phone every night. It looked like handwritten poetry, wax-sealed letters, surprise midnight picnics and guitar songs written just for me.

Of course, love still can look like that. 

What surprised me was that love has so many more shades than I ever anticipated.

Love looks like tugging on my hand so I don’t walk into telephone poles and tree branches. It looks like looking me in the eye and telling me about your big failure from the past week, expecting me to push you away, and instead finding my arms wrapped around you even tighter. It looks like coming home and finding our dirty dishes and cups all over and quietly gathering them up. It looks like driving for an hour on weeknights just to see me. It looks like worshipping God together in the quiet of the living room. It looks like having a stressful day and finding your arms around me, whispering that even though my head is full and my makeup smudged, I am still beautiful inside and out. 

Love looks like being comfortable in each other’s silence, looking at each other after we’ve discussed philosophy and theology and marvelling at God’s amazing creation of spirit and flesh sitting right in front of us. It looks like creating a safe space, a small slice of heaven, for each other. It looks like dancing to the tune of serving and receiving and giving. It looks like finding yourself in the middle of love before you knew you even began. It looks like cultivating vulnerability, even with an uncertain future, because God calls us to live and love courageously. 

Love, most of all, looks like chasing after God together, helping each other love Him and the world around us more. 

I love you,

your future wife



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I’m doing Relay for Life and I need help raising some money so if any of you feel like donating a little bit for cancer research or would just like supporting me in kind words and stuff that would be awesome! Let me know and I’ll set up a link for a donation thingy (It’s from the relay site so you don’t have to worry about me embezzling your money)

A few years ago, I was affected by cancer myself when my grandpa passed away after a fight with pancreatic cancer that spread everywhere. It really hit me hard and made me realize that no one else should have to go through what my grandpa went through. However, everyday, everywhere, people are still being diagnosed, suffering and fighting against cancer. With the little bits that we can help out, we can help fight against cancer. 

This would be so awesome and together we can work towards a better future and be able to defeat cancer!

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Give me an ask, let’s be friends, and I can email you any details you’ll need!

Thank you all so much!!! :) 


Dan Rubin


Dan Rubin


Lord i have no desire outside of your perfect will for my life.